January 25, 2009


Suffering from arthritis, depression, back problem, obesity? Recovering from an injury or simply stiff from ageing and haven't touched your toes in age? Tai chi, an ancient martial art, reputedly created by Taoist monk, could be the answer!

Claims .Tai chi is a slow and deliberate set of following movement that provide moderate aerobic and low-impact exercise. The benefit include sleeping better, having a healthier immune and circulatory system, stress control, increased mobility and gentle toning of your muscle and joint.

The Good .Its an excellent gentle excercise and works out your body and soul. Many breast cancer survivors find it a great way to boost their lymphatic system. Bad back? Its fantastic for mobilising and strengthening the spine.

The Bad .For focused on the first four months you'll be focused on learning the sequence of 108 movements, so it's a long term health invesment rather than an instant fix.

Essentials.Wear flat soled shoes and loose, comfortable clothing such as track pants. You can contact

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